Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sango Fighter

 I had this game on a shareware disc, I remember playing it with only two characters, and not particularly enjoying it very much. Originally released in 1993 by a Taiwanese group, Panda Entertainment, this game was about to be released under Apogee's name but wasn't. Instead it went through an independent release and suffered miserably through every step of its life as a PC fighting game. Think about this: It's Street Fighter meets Romance of the Three Kingdoms (modern day equivalent; Dynasty Warriors) minus the strategy element.
 Gameplay: 2/10
Barely playable as a fighting game, I sat there for a little while trying to figure out what buttons to press. Figured out some hadoken style moves but couldn't really get the grasp of it, ass handed to me every time. This game feels more like a Tiger Electronics handheld LCD game, only those can be fun. There's a story mode and stuff here, but who gives a crap about all this historical stuff? -8 points for bad gaming experience.

 Graphics: 5/10
So they're vivid, the characters and backgrounds look fantastic, and the screenshots make this game look like a gem hidden in the sand. Good job, now if it could only run itself, we'd be in business. Seriously, it's so slow, so unresponsive, and always has been, -5 points on that.

Sound: 3/10
Hooray for Adlib music and digital sound, you get three points. -7 points for it all being really hard to listen to. 

Overall: 2/10
This game was released freeware style in just 2009 when a North American company picked up the rights to the game. I assume that means they purchased them, and I can tell you right now, if you choose to listen, as there are bones in your body, it was a bad idea. Unless they just go around, acquiring abandoned titles and giving them away, that's some abandonware rouge shit. All I know is that nobody bought this game back in 1993, thank god, and nobody needs to play it now, because I just wrote this review. For real, when it comes to fighting games on your PC, it might be a better plan to just go to the arcade, and the fact that I chose to do this tonight makes me cringe. Don't waste your time with Sango Fighter, unless your time consists of playing horrible games to feel better about yourself, like me.


  1. great post love old games even if its just to nostalgia a bit

  2. I'm a big fan of any reviewer who starts things out with 2/10.

    Following you now, keep up the good work!

  3. I remember I played this and i thought to myself "wow the characters look pretty cool I might have fun with this" horrible, but I suppose they win because I still remember it lol

  4. They need to make me an Adventure time fighting game similar to this.

  5. It does look pretty good on screenies, but I'll take your word for it that it isn't all that good :P